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What is VCI Technology

VCI is the generic term for “volatile corrosion inhibitor,” “vapor corrosion inhibitor,” or “Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor,” a revolutionary technology that simplifies corrosion protection and is ideal for keeping enclosed void spaces (e.g., packages, equipment internals, or structural metal cavities) rust-free.  We have trademarked Cortec® brand of VCIs under the name VpCI® to help ensure our customers are getting the premium VCI products that are trusted globally.

VCI technology works to create a protective environment within each package or enclosure where it is applied. VCIs inside liquids, powders, or packaging materials travel through the air to form an invisible protective shield on metal surfaces in the enclosed space. This VCI shield does not alter metal properties. Instead, it blocks the ability of oxygen, moisture, and other corrosive elements to attack the metal surface and make it rust. After the metal part is taken out of the package or enclosed space, the VCIs float away, and the metal components, machinery, or products are ready for immediate use, no cleaning or degreasing required.

Diagram for how VCI works

Advantages of VCI/VpCI Technology

VCI technology has many advantages. As suggested, it typically does not require the special removal of a coating or greasy rust preventative. This reduces labor time and hazardous waste disposal fees from having to clean off traditional petroleum-based rust preventatives—often with solvent-based cleaners. It also solves the problem of protecting intricate equipment internals (e.g., pipes, boilers, valves) where it would be difficult if not impossible to apply a coating or liquid rust preventative. VCIs do not require a constant source of electricity as needed for dehumidification systems. VCI technologies protect multiple metal types and work in multiple phases—liquid, vapor, and interface—so they can be used to inhibit corrosion on metal surfaces below and above the fluid level in water treatment or oil and gas applications. These characteristics work together to save time and money and offer more thorough, reliable, and easier-to-use protection than a variety of other metals preservation strategies.

Safety Benefits of Cortec’s VCI/VpCI Technology

Cortec® VCIs under the VpCI® brand name are generally safer to handle and less hazardous than other VCIs such as DICHAN (one of the first, highly toxic VCIs on the market) or those that rely heavily on nitrites. Many Cortec® products containing Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors are also recyclable or water-based and typically have a lower environmental impact than many harsher chemicals.

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