Lake Engineering Solutions unveils new multi-metal rust preventative

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Lake Engineering Solutions, leading provider of environmentally responsible corrosion solutions today unveils EnviroRinse™ a water-based, bio-based, and biodegradable rust preventative used in aqueous parts cleaning machines or in dip tanks to give long- term corrosion protection of metals in storage and during transportation.

Developed for the precision component manufacturing industry, Lake Engineering Solutions identified the limitations its customers experienced after using existing rust preventative chemicals. These rust preventatives either gave only short-term corrosion protection or were mineral oils which required removal and disposal before further processing of the components


What makes EnviroRinse™ different?

It is the first rust preventative used as part of an aqueous parts cleaning process or in a dip tank environment. Unlike traditional rust preventative oils, EnviroRinse™ leaves a dry film on the surface of the metal that is virtually undetectable and protects components for up to 24 months when stored indoors. This is ideal for manufacturers of metal components who supply into sectors such as Automotive, Oil & Gas and Energy & Utilities who need to store goods for long periods of time or deliver components to destinations with long lead times.

When used as part of an aqueous parts cleaning process or in a dip tank environment, EnviroRinse™ creates a cleaner workplace and significantly reduces process and handling times as corrosion protection is now incorporated into the rinse stage. This prevents material scrappage and rejects thus enhancing the reputation of the manufacturer as a high-quality provider.

In addition to EnviroRinse™, Lake Engineering Solutions is committed to providing innovative and environmentally responsible corrosion solutions for packaging, metalworking, construction, electronics, oil and gas, and many other industries. Our team of Corrosion and Preservation Engineers provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of the customer including:

  • Corrosion surveys pinpointing corrosion locations
  • Proposing the most practical and economical solutions
  • Solution application and/or supervision
  • Corrosion awareness training to help you to identify and take the practical steps to control corrosion in industrial processes, plant and infrastructure
  • Responsive customer service
  • Strong supply chain for quick turnarounds and on-time shipments

For more information, please visit the Lake Engineering Solutions stand at Made in Midlands Virtual Expo, 17-28 August and we will propose a plan of action that works best for you and your customers!

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