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These are trying times for us all. Stay safe and stay healthy!

Many of us at Lake are working from home to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID19 and remain responsive to your needs. We will continue to support your business needs during these disruptions.

A key disruption is the temporary manufacturing shutdown. During this period of shutdown atmospheric corrosion caused by ambient oxygen and water vapour causes plant and components to rust or breakdown. To help prevent these situations and get you straight back up and running corrosion protection is key.

Our unique high-performance Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI), Cortec® VpCI®, is a proven technology that simplifies corrosion protection and is ideal for keeping enclosed void spaces (e.g., packages, equipment internals, or structural metal cavities) rust-free.  

VCI technology works to create a protective environment within each package or enclosure where it is applied. VCIs delivered from liquids, powders, or packaging materials travel through the air to form an invisible protective shield on metal surfaces in the enclosed space. This VCI shield does not alter metal properties. Instead, it blocks the ability of oxygen, moisture, and other corrosive elements to attack the metal surface and make it rust. After the metal part is taken out of the package or enclosed space, the VCIs dissipate harmlessly into the surrounding environment, and the metal components, machinery, or products are ready for immediate use, no cleaning or degreasing required.

We understand many industrial process companies worldwide are being affected by COVID19, and we are ready to help ease the strain by providing immediate solutions to preserve waiting inventory.

Our services include:

  • Recommendation of the most appropriate corrosion protection packaging and liquids for the protection and preservation of assets
  • Guidance and best practice advice on the application of these products
  • Delivery of 121 online and phone support

For more information, contact us at Lake Engineering Solutions and we will deliver a plan of action that works best for you and your customers.

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